Mark-10 M5-2-COF Coefficient of Friction Gauge
Mark-10 M5-2-COF Coefficient of Friction Gauge

Calculates static and kinetic coefficients of friction

Configurable sled weight

1,000-point data memory and statistics
The Mark-10 M5-2-COF is an integral part of a COF testing system, typically including a motorized test stand and COF fixture. With a capacity of 2 lbF [10 N], the gauge can be used to measure friction for a wide range of materials, ideal for conformance to ASTM D1894 and other relevant standards. Static and kinetic coefficients are displayed on the back lit LCD, and are calculated from a user-programmable sled weight. Data can be transferred to a PC or data collectors via USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo (Digimatic), or analog outputs. On-board memory for up to 1,000 readings is included, as are statistical calculations with output to a PC. Integrated set points with indicators and outputs are ideal for pass-fail testing and for triggering external devices such as an alarm, relay, or test stand. Configurable password protects against unauthorized changes to settings.The M5-2-COF may also be used for a number of common tension and compression testing applications.The M5-2-COF includes MESURTMLite data acquisition software. MESURTMLite tabulates continuous or single point data. Data saved in the gauge's memory can also be downloaded in bulk. One-click export to Excel easily allows for further data manipulation.

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