Mark-10 M2-500 Economical Digital Force Gauge Series 2, 500 lbF / 250 kgF / 2500 N Capacity

Price: $ 660.00

Mark-10 Series 2 Economical Digital Force Gauge
Measures Push and Pull Force

0.5% accuracy

3 Year Warranty

The Mark-10 Series 2 Economical Digital Force Gauges are designed for basic tension and compression force testing applications up to 500 lbF (2,500 N). Peak tension and compression readings are reliably captured via the gauges' 0.5% accuracy and 500 Hz sampling rate. A backlit graphic LCD displays the current, peak tension, or peak compression reading.

The gauges are overload protected to 200% of capacity. An ergonomic, reversible aluminum housing allows for hand held use or fixture mounting, rugged enough for applications in both production and laboratory environments. Series 2 gauges are directly compatible with Mark-10 test stands and grips.

Kit Contents

  • Mark-10 Series 2 Economical Digital Force Gauge
  • AC adapter
  • Battery
  • Resource CD
  • Certificate of conformance
  • Three (3) year warranty


  • Calculates peak tension and compression values
  • 3 selectable units of measurement
  • Ultra-compact, ergonomic housing
  • Configurable default measurement unit and mode
  • 500 Hz sampling rate
  • Large, backlit graphic display with auto-dimming
  • Powered by rechargeable battery or AC adapter
  • Reversible housing for alternate load cell orientation


Accuracy0.5% of full scale
Sampling rate500 Hz
PowerAC or rechargeable battery. Multi-step low battery indicator is displayed, gauge shuts off automatically when power is too low.
Battery lifeBacklight on:up to 7 hours of continuous use
Backlight off:up to 24 hours of continuous use
Measurement unitslbF, kgF, N
Safe overload200% of full scale (display shows OVER at 110% and above)
WeightM2-2 M2-100:0.7 lb [0.33 kg]
M2-200 M2-500:0.9 lb [0.41 kg]
Included itemsAC adapter, rechargeable battery, quick-start guide, resource CD, certificate of conformance
Environmental requirements40 - 100F, max. 96% humidity, non-condensating
Warranty3 years (see individual statement for further details)

lineCapacity x Resolutionline

M2-22 x 0.0021 x 0.00110 x 0.01
M2-55 x 0.0052.5 x 0.00225 x 0.02
M2-1010 x 0.015 x 0.00550 x 0.05
M2-2020 x 0.0210 x 0.01100 x 0.1
M2-5050 x 0.0525 x 0.02250 x 0.2
M2-100100 x 0.150 x 0.05500 x 0.5
M2-200200 x 0.2100 x 0.11000 x 1
M2-500500 x 0.5250 x 0.22500 x 2

Optional Equipment

A wide range of test stands and gripping fixtures


  • A variety of attachments and accessories are available. See Optional Accessories for details

Certificate of calibration with data (CERT)

Mounting plate

  • For mounting Mark-10 gauges to a fixture or testing system. Includes mounting hardware
  • Note: Gauge mounting plates are included with Mark-10 test stands

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Mechanical Test Stand

  • Mounting holes for bench mounting
  • Optional 1" [25.4mm] dial indicator travel kit


Mark-10 Series-2 Economical Digital Force Gauge - Data Sheet
Mark-10 Series-2 Economical Digital Force Gauge - Instruction Manual
Mark 10 Digital Force Gauge - Comparison Chart

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Product Price
Mark-10 M2-500 Economical Digital Force Gauge Series 2, 500 lbF / 250 kgF / 2500 N Capacity $660.00
Accessories Price
CERT Certificate of calibration with data $85.00
12-1049 Carrying case $45.00
AC1030 AC adapter, 110V US $45.00
AC1031 AC adapter, 220V Euro $45.00
AC1032 AC adapter, 220V UK $45.00
AC1035 AC adapter, 220V Australian $45.00
G1038 Medium hook, #10-32M (requires G1039) $15.00
G1039 Coupling, #10-32F/F $15.00
G1029 Flat head, #10-32F $20.00
G1026 Cone, #10-32F $20.00
G1027 V-groove, #10-32F $20.00
G1024 Extension rod, 5 in, #10-32F $20.00
23-1031-2 Attachment kit for M2-2 - 2-100 $100.00
G1025 Chisel point, #10-32F $20.00
23-1031-3 Attachment kit for M2-200 - M2-500 $120.00



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