BlueForce Impact Force Gauge
BlueForce Impact Force Gauge
Impact Force Gauge
For use with automatic/power operated doors/gates
2000N Capacity
The BlueForce Impact Force Gauge is a force gauge for automatic/power operated doors/gates, which complies with standards EN 12445 and EN 12453. BlueForce: one of a kind, with dual Bluetooth and USB interface. Thanks to the PC-LINK mode, Blue Force can also be linked up to a handheld computer or a PC during testing, allowing immediate viewing of the graph and values, as a well as immediate access to test results. The comfortable handle, in an accessible and ergonomic position, ensures a steady grip and matchless manoeuverability; the handle is also easy to remove (using the key supplied) and can be rotated by 180 (i.e. turned upside down).

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